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Tuning and assembly of my K2 in 2003 

In 2003, i built a K2-transceiver with very good results;  here i propose three modifications:

1. Modification of the bandpassfilters for european conditions:    Modifications for BPF.pdf (0,7 MB) 

NEW: Increased BW´s on 160m (1.810 ... 2.000kHz) and on 40m (7.000 ... 7.200kHz)

This Mod is also published on sverre´s page: see the link below

2. Modification for the noiseblanker KNB-2 :    KNB2-Mod.pdf (0,14 MB)

This mod increases the sensitivity of the low-threshold, especially suited for empty bands with little noise, but the intermodulation may increase in crowded bands. The level of the high-threshold is not affected and should be used therefore in crowded bands. 

3. Modification for nominal output on 10m:     K2 10m-Low Power (0,2 MB)

This mod increases the output on 10m (28MHz) to the nominal value of 10watts; my K2 had only abt. 5 to 6W on 10m.

A small K2-charger for the K2-battery (sealed lead acid = "gel") is described here:   K2-Charger (0,2 MB)

This charger may be used during fieldoperation with solarcells or at home with a small power adapter

More informations on:

The manufacturers page:

K2-Mods from Sverre:        LA3ZA Unofficial Guide to Elecraft K2 Modifications   

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